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Our team

Our friendly Motion Matters team is made up of registered physiotherapists and other health and fitness professionals. We take pride in our extensive knowledge in the areas of sports medicine, manual therapy, biomechanics and movement impairment analysis.

We ensure high standard of care by our professional affiliation with industry associations, and by our commitment to staying current on the most recent physiotherapy research, equipment and techniques.

In all our work, we promote wellness and injury prevention by encouraging active lifestyles. We believe in a multidisciplinary and global approach to healing, and feel it is important to address the body as a whole.

If you wish, we are gladly able to work directly with your other health care providers in helping you attain your goals.


Fitness staff

Massage therapy staff

Support staff

Our work at Motion Matters is supported by a friendly and professional support team.

Our support team includes reception staff, who assist clients with bookings and information, as well as physiotherapist assistants.

Our Hours

Monday - Thursday 7 AM - 7 PM
Friday 7 AM - 6 PM
Appointments available upon request