Downtown Ottawa Physiotherapists

Motion Matters has been providing the highest quality physiotherapy, rehabilitation and exercise training to Ottawa residents for over 15 years.
Our convenient downtown Ottawa location offers the full range of physiotherapy and sport injury treatments provided by certified, experienced, and passionate therapists.

To learn more about our therapists and trainers, visit the section about us.

Our spacious and well equipped downtown Ottawa exercise centre offers a wide range of classes and services – massage therapy, Pilates, Tai Chi, personal training and rehabilitation.

Our Treatments

About Us

Motion Matters operates a physiotherapy and sports injury clinic in tandem with an exercise and rehabilitation centre; these two facilities are conveniently located in downtown Ottawa next door to each other.

Our facilities are well known for offering high quality personalized services in a professionally outfitted and welcoming environment.

Motion Matters’ experienced team can provide a wide variety of therapeutic and injury prevention techniques based on both traditional and innovative therapies. Our fitness and conditioning programs balance the newest approaches with proven methods.

What are the clinical scientific effects of physiotherapy treatment?

Each physiotherapy treatment option offered at Motion Matters has its own combination of therapeutic effects. The following clinical effects of physiotherapy are scientifically documented to:

  • Encourage nerve stimulation, regeneration and cell repair
  • Improve microcirculation and revascularization
  • Improve muscle relaxation and soft tissue and joint healing
  • Promote inhibition of pain
  • Soften and reduce scar tissues and contractures

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