Exercise and Rehabilitation Centre

Motion Matters also has an Exercise and Rehabilitation Centre, right next door to our physiotherapy clinic.

Physical conditioning and rehabilitation

Our spacious centre provides physical conditioning, education and active rehabilitation services delivered by registered physiotherapists and kinesiologists. Our staff develop, supervise and help clients progress through all phases of individual and group exercise programs.

Exercise Centre space highlights

  • bright, professionally outfitted facility
  • weight training and Pilates room
  • group class area
  • treatment room area
  • changing rooms, showers and lockers
  • reception and waiting room area

Our Equipment

Our centre’s top quality commercial fitness equipment includes a variety of resistance and fitness systems, as well as original Pilates machines and apparatus.

With such a well outfitted space, we are able to provide personal training and help our clients attain the highest level of fitness possible. As therapists we are able to help our clients to recover safely from injury and restore function.

Wondering what kind of equipment you might find at Motion Matters Exercise Center? The following list of exercise equipment will give you a precise idea of what is available in our gymnasium:

cardiovascular equipment

Cardiovascular equipment

Treadmills, elliptical machine, spinning bike and stationary upright bike

Resistance Equipment

Resistance Equipment

Atlantis 7 stations, dumbbells and barbells, adjustable ankle and free weights, Thera-band® elastic bands and kettle bells

Proprioception* and stability training equipment

TRX system, Bosu ball, different size and weight stability balls, Sit fit and proprioception pads, Rotator and gliding discs, fences and cones as well as different types of foam rolls

Proprioception and stability training equipment

Yoga and Pilates equipment

Tower reformers, Wunda chair, Ladder barrel, Spine corrector, Magic rings

Yoga blocks, bolsters, blankets, meditation Zafu cushions, yoga mats and straps

Yoga and Pilates equipment

To book an appointment or to register to our exercise classes, contact us