Your visit

When you visit the Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

170 Laurier Ave. W.

Are you wondering what to expect from your visit to the physiotherapist?

During your initial visit with your physiotherapist, you will undergo a thorough examination including:

  • The completion of a general medical questionnaire
  • Verbal examination to collect information about the history of your symptoms, aggravating factors, daily activities, past injuries, lifestyle, past medical tests, therapeutic goals, etc.
  • Physical examination to assess your level of mobility, strength, endurance, postural habits, range of motion and other physical functional abilities.
  • Treatment planning to develop goals and interventions that will assist in the management of your condition. Once the origin of your symptoms is established, you and your physiotherapist will discuss your treatment options and anticipated outcomes.

If you have general questions about physiotherapy or treatment, including what to bring to your appointment, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

When you visit the Exercise and Rehabilitation Centre

164 Laurier Ave. W.

The Exercise and Rehabilitation Centre is the home of our Pilates and other fitness classes.

The centre includes a weight training and pilates room as well as a group class area/studio. Men’s and women’s changing areas with showers and lockers are available to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

If you have any questions at all about using the facilities or attending classes at the Centre, please contact us.

To book an appointment or to register to our exercise classes, contact us