Dancer care and injury prevention program

Location: Motion Matters Exercise and Rehab Centre, 164 Laurier Ave. W.

On top of physiotherapy for dance injuries provided by specialized therapists, Motion Matters is offering the BALANCE program. This program program provides dancers, dance instructors and professional dancers with an efficient method for preventing and curing dance-related injuries. The program was founded in 1993 and is now used in many Dance Studios in the Ottawa area.

Motion Matters now has two specialized dance therapists and certified Pilates instructors to accommodate the growing need in the field: Susan Gardner Rab and Heather Finn. Both are registered physiotherapists and have a strong experience as dancer and dance instructors.

BALANCE sessions can be done either individually or in groups of several dancers.


These sessions are done in the Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic or in the exercise centre:

Physical evaluation and body screening (audition):

One-hour long detailed physical assessment to detect dancer’s weaknesses or physical dysfunctions interfering with their technical abilities.


Written report of the physical evaluation

Individualized exercise programs. Based on the result of the physical evaluation, these programs will help dancers reach excellence and well-being:


Self care, body awareness and conditioning classes

One-hour long one on one specialized and custom made conditioning classes.


Pilates classes (Tower Reformer, Wunda chair, Mat floor, Spine Corrector and more)

One-on-one Pilates classes including exercises based on traditional ballet classes.

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